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Lifting the rock of corporate personhood to see what crawls out... anti-rascist investigations of the corporate person.  

In 1886 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations are "Natural Persons" and have (most of) the same rights as human U.S. Citizens (and many that we don't).  This twisted doctrine has been accepted around the world, and today corporations are, in a sense, the dominant "lifeform" on the planet.

So if a corporation is a person, what does that person look like?
In 1998 I had an urge to sew some business-suits together.  I wasn't really conscious of why I wanted to do it, but it soon became obvious to me that I was creating a model of this bizarre modern Frankenstein's Monster: the corporate person.  Working on the first of these sculptures, "Two Faced", I sewed two white businessman shirts together and stuffed them with shredded office paper.  Stepping back from the sculpture I saw that I had created a two-headed Klansman. Scary, but also kind of funny with it's pathetic, abject look. I've continued to explore this rich cultural vein in many media since then, and had a show called "corpoRACIST" of much of this work at Philadelphia's Space 1026 in October of 2004.

Spirit of Free Enterprise

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The problem:
A world of social networks that refuse to organize according to the evolutionary imperatives of the free market.

The solution:
The SocioSystematics R-Evolution™.

As science - and everyday life - accelerate exponentially it becomes harder and harder for human beings to understand and adjust to the exciting new world that we are creating. Are we, as some pundits claim, moving towards a world where humans will need to become “post-human” to cope, or is it possible that we are building a new world, not for ourselves, but for a new dominant species? A new kind of species that we ourselves have already birthed?
SocioSystematics Incorporated has seen the future and it is, in a narrowly legal sense, us. In the late 1800’s the US Supreme Court recognized that corporations are “legal persons”. With this decision the Court did something very exciting and astonishingly visionary: they created a new species. A full century ahead of science, the Court saw the future with incredible clarity and anticipated the socio-bio-geno-nano revolution that is transforming our world today.

A New Master-Species?
The rest of the world has fallen in line and recognized corporate personhood, but when will we be brave enough to truly create a new world? In many ways the corporation is already the dominant species on earth, but the human-centric thinking of the people who make up the corporations is standing in the way of the real R-evolution™.
If a corporation is a person made of people, and the new science is giving us access to nature’s erector set then is it not time for the corporation to move to the next level and “be all that it can be”? Surfing the bleeding edge of the tech-wave, and leveraging our global network of human and digital resources, SocioSystematics is designing the future of our corporate world.

A Step into the Future.
Growth, efficiency, and profit are the three imperatives for a successful corporation in today’s globalized economy. The 24 hour a day movement of capital around the globe is now so fast and so complex that software robots and “intelligent agents” are being brought in to deal with the overwhelming information gathering, information interpretation, and, yes, even the decision-making that keeps global commerce on track.
It doesn’t take a software robot to see that the corporation needs to evolve fast to keep up with the exciting future world that corporations are creating. At Socio-Systematics the future IS our business.


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